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Hyundai Parts gives you access to a large network of Hyundai scrap yards to help you find a Hyundai Accent stripping for spares. Making a part request from our website, instantly sends an email to all the listed suppliers. Whether you looking for a Hyundai Accent engine for sale or just a few nuts and bolts, we will make you part search quick and painless!

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Recent Hyundai Accent Part Enquiries

Jacqui Brown
Accent 1.6 Motion
Cape Town
Looking for a second hand electronic box on steering wheel
Accent sedan
1.6 Fluid
I require a quote for a Right hand side wing mirror. Electric but not power folding. Has the indicator in it
Rami Chocho
Hyundai Accent 1.6 gl motion
I require a body shell with No engine for a 2016 Huyndai Accent 1.6 GL Motion. Please advise if you have 1 available and what is the cost.

Maputo city
i am looking for engine motor to Accent 1.6 - 2004.
I would like to know if you have?
Hyundai Accent VVT
I need right-Headlight, right-Forglight and Wiper Water Tank.

How much price of these three items.
Nyameko Mfithi
I need a towbar for hyundai accent 1.6 2012
Theresa Hunidzarira
Hyundai accent
Cape Town
I am looking for a right rear door
i am looking for a dashboard for hyndai accent 1,5 1996
More Info
The Hyundai Accent is a B-segment car model that has been on the market since 1996. It is above Hyundai Atos. It has five seats, has the front transverse engine and front-wheel drive. This car has a particular design for the young market that lives in Europe and the United States. Finding used spares of this car model in South Africa is very easy. Read a reviews on the Accent here.


In this age of the internet, buying used car parts online can save you money. Used spares can cost up to three times less than it costs to buy them as new. For example, a 14-inch aluminum wheel for a 2006 Hyundai Accent in a dealership is 5137.26 rands, but you can find it used up to 1290.83 rands.

Even if your car is new, at some point you will have to change a part, it may be after an accident or other reasons and it is more beneficial for your economy if you buy a used part since its price will be lower. There are several Scrap Yards in South Africa selling used car parts in excellent conditions and at prices that are worth considering.

All cars have some parts that, even if they suffer an accident, can always be saved. The most sold by Scrap Yards are complete engines, cylinder heads, blocks, gearboxes, suspension parts, body parts, bumpers, windscreens and electrical parts.

Tips for Choosing a Hyundai Scrap Yard

There are fundamental factors to keep in mind when we are thinking about saving money and buying a used item for our car. The four essential tips you should know to experience a successful purchase are:

Quality Guarantee: When you go to a used spare parts store, you must ask for the guarantee. Most reputable stores will always offer you a guarantee or replacement if the part is defective.

Variety: Only reputable Scrap Yards will offer you many spare parts for different car models. They have available in their inventory different types of pieces to satisfy the needs of any client.

Reputation: Never underestimate the opinions of others. You must consult the customers of the store where you plan to buy and find out if the parts they have used are quality or what problems they have had. Always buy from reputable stores!

Sometimes cheap can be more expensive. What do we mean by this? Imagine that the used piece you bought in Scrap Yards, at the dealership costs the same or much less, it would be a shame, right? To make sure this does not happen, ask a Scrap Yards for a specific part and price. Then, call the authorized agent and ask the same thing. This is the best way to be sure that you are getting a good deal.

The 2000 Hyundai Accent model is very important in the automotive world and it was used as the basis for the construction of the Accent WRC, a vehicle that Hyundai competed with in the World Rally Championship between 2000 and 2003.

If you own a car of this model and you need a part that can be exchanged for a used one without any problem, do not think twice and go to the most reputable Scrap Yards in your city and find many Hyundai Accent spares at incredible prices. Well, speaking of a reputable dealer, you may think about contacting us as we have a reputation for availing quality used Hyundai Accent spares in Gauteng. By contacting us for an order, you will be making a bold step towards acquiring quality spares at market rates because as you may already know, the only difference between an old and new piece is its price!


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