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Hyundai Spares gives you access to a large network of Hyundai Elantra scrap yards to help you find a Hyundai Elantra engines for sale. When you make an enquiry with us, you instantly contact all the listed suppliers. Whether you looking for an engine, gearbox or or just a few body parts, we will make you part search simple and quick!

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Recent Hyundai Engine Enquiries

Nigel Wright
Looking for a rear tailgate and bumper in silver for 2010 ix35.
Tony Lombard
santa fe
2.2 CRDi
I am needing a ABS Pump
Santie Bouwer
2012 or 2013
Veloster (FS) Hatchback
Cape Town
Do you have a spare part for the left hand mirror - ONLY the glass for indicator is broken. And at what price please.

Thank you
Hyundai H1- 9 Seater
2500cc Diesel
Please quote me on the following:

1 x Brand New Hyundai D4CB 2.5Diesel engine

1 x Used Hyundai D4CB/CRDI/T 2.5. Engine
i 10 Grand
I Looking for a Right Front Door of a i10 Grand
Humphrey Setshedi
Hyundai i20
1.2 Motion
Pretoria North
I need drivers door and side mirrors
Sub assembly
afternoon,am looking for a Rear boot outer door handle please assist
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Your Hyundai Elantra Engine Enquiry Goes To Our Network Of Companies in South Africa!

It really is frustrating to view our Elantra is in a wrecked state and also to see it under perform compared to the early days. What ever the scenario, one sure thing is you can get the automobile back to good order. You just need to accomplish is to switch the malfunctioning components with great used parts as an alternative for the purchase of a new vehicle.

Usually the moment the demand for exchanging vehicle parts transpires, especially automobile motors, many of us have a tendency to believe we require new ones. On the other hand, this is in no way affordable and you'll find yourself having to pay lots of money. There may be, on the other hand, a less pricey solution - obtaining second hand Hyundai Elantra engines for sale. So long as you get parts that match with the company, the make and the production year of your vehicle, you can have your automobile running nicely before you know it.

Sometimes yow will discover motors for sale which are almost brand-new. The reason being vendors are likely to sale the working spares of accident survived automobiles on an individual basis. Generally, there is also a car that was scarcely used and will definitely have he genuine components as it is still new. Additionally, respected scrap yards will certainly assess the engines to confirm that they are not wrecked and are in flawless state well before releasing them to the market industry.

Used car motors tend to be plenty of demand with regards to replacing auto parts. This is because everyone would like to avoid shelling out a lot of money on a completely new car. The good news is, these types of second hand car motors helps keep the performance of your respective car intact by spending just half of the required costs.

Guarantee is an additional cause why you shouldn't be worried to decide on 2nd hand vehicle motors. You can get yourself in the middle of Six months to 2 years of extended warranty on used car engines for sale. The demanding chore of finding a matching automobile second hand motor for sale is possible fairly rapidly through the help of our on-line engine form that immediately connects anyone to our circle of scrap yards. We are able to submit your order and locate the particular vehicle part for you personally. You can find a nearby seller or a vendor who will be capable of dispatch it to you from a different town.

An additional of getting a good pre-owned motor is you can find very good deals. Being a buyer who will endeavor to get the best option by examining the prices from various dealers. To lessen the possibility of acquiring the wrong part, it is wise to refer to the guide which came with your car. It will help in understanding exactly what you're looking for, meaning you can subsequently look at the right location.

We will put you into contact with vehicle dismantlers all over South Africa. You may also get in contact with junk yards who market 2nd hand transmissions, cylinder tops, wiper mechanisms, alternators, bumpers plus more, for affordable fees.

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