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About Gearboxes
The gearbox is located between the drive axle and the engine. It is a very important component because: The transmission influences the torque, speed and acceleration of your car. It transmits and translates movements, energies and forces. Most of the time, the power transmitted by the gearbox is a rotary motion.

If your car is equipped with a manual transmission, this is a so-called gear transmission. It translates the engine speed to the drive speed. This is necessary in order to cover the spread of the speed range with the spread of the engine speed range.

Closed gear

Closed gears are usually used in vehicle technology. The advantage of this is that this type of gear cannot be contaminated by dust or sand – and that in turn guarantees optimal oil lubrication. Because while you are driving your car, some of the gears built into the gearbox are immersed in an oil bath. The oil is then thrown around the entire complex at higher speeds – so everything is always well lubricated.

Hydraulic, pneumatic and electromagnetic transmissions

A distinction is made between hydraulic, pneumatic and electromagnetic gearboxes. A transmission usually consists of three elements: the input element, the output element and the machine frame. Other types of gear are: the gear train, the roller gear, the helical gear, the crank gear, the cam gear and the locking gear.

Mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission

If a gear consists mainly of solid components, it is called a mechanical gear. If various liquids are used in any form, they are referred to as fluid transmission or hydraulic transmission. In the case of fluid drives, the input and output sides are not mechanically connected. The drive side sets a liquid inside in motion, which drives the output side.

The function of the transmission 

The gearbox has the function of transmitting the torque. It connects the engine to the drive train. Its task: It adjusts the torque and power to the load situation required by the driver. The engines of cars only have a relatively weak torque. This is why so-called gear motors are used in the drive technology of vehicles with internal combustion engines. With their help, the driver can control the engine power of his vehicle.

The torque

In order to be able to start and accelerate at all, every car needs a minimum amount of torque – and that is precisely what the transmission takes care of. The gears are adapted to the respective performance. When starting off in first gear, the transmission transmits so much that the engine does not stop and the driver can accelerate to around 30 km / h without the engine over-revving. Normally the usable speed range is 1500 to 8000 tours for vehicles with gasoline engines. The vehicles driven by a diesel engine have a slightly lower speed range with 1500 to 5500 tours.

The right translation is what counts

Each gear of the shift requires a different transmission ratio. This is important in order to keep the speed in the range in which the engine gives optimal performance. If you start in first gear, you can accelerate until the engine has reached the highest possible speed. Then you shift into second gear. The transmission now converts the power to another area of ​​the higher gear. Now you can accelerate even more and shift into the next higher gear. But if you reduce the speed to walking pace, you will notice that you cannot accelerate properly in this gear and you run the risk of stalling the engine. The translation is bad. So you shift back down to second gear. You then immediately notice

The main symptoms of a defective transmission include: 

In general, if the transmission no longer shifts up or if a lower gear is usually difficult to engage, you should check the transmission.

Gearbox damage – often a gradual process

Much damage to the gearbox begins slowly. Like every other part, the gearbox wears out under high loads. Frequent use of a trailer and driving uphill are particularly stressful for the transmission – the transmission has to perform at its best. Anyone who hears unusual noises or notices that the gears are sticking should drive to the workshop as soon as possible and have the causes investigated. In general, you should also make sure that everything is OK with the clutch and the shift linkage, otherwise the transmission will suffer at some point.

How do I recognize gearbox damage?

There are a few signs that can be used to identify gear failure. For example, when the car jolts or clacking or rustling noises can be heard from the transmission. Further indications of gearbox damage can be if the gear that is engaged repeatedly jumps out or the engine is still in neutral even though you have engaged a gear. The gear shift is then unstable. If your car loses gear oil, this is an absolutely sure sign that your gearbox is broken.

Causes of gear damage

There are different causes for transmission damage. The common causes include material defects and thermal overload. If the car manufacturer installed parts that were of poor quality, this can sooner or later lead to damage to the transmission. How the gearbox is handled is also relevant: An incorrect oil level or parts placed on the ground damage the gearbox. But the way the owner handles the car can also affect the transmission: Excessive acceleration and driving in a very high speed range, hard, fast shifting, driving with a slipping clutch – all of this damages the transmission in the long term. A gear oil level that is too low or unsuitable gear oil are also not good for the gearbox in the long term. Other factors include poorly performed assembly and defective parts of the gearbox, for example defective synchronizer rings or gearbox bearings. There may also be leaks on the radial shaft seals and on the housing, or the gearbox housing may be punctured or damaged.

Have the transmission repaired or changed?

A gearbox is always changed if the cost of repairing the gearbox is higher than that of a replacement gearbox. The defective gear is then replaced with a replacement gear.

Is it worth replacing the gearbox?

A defective gearbox is an expensive business. In addition to the engine, the gearbox is the part that costs the most in a repair. It is generally worthwhile to replace the gearbox as long as the residual value of the car is higher than the cost of a replacement gearbox. If an older vehicle is still in top shape and well cared for and serviced, the replacement of the transmission can still pay off.

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