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    Want to get rid of your Hyundai? We provide the highest prices for any condition or age of Hyundai, whether it is running or not, damaged beyond repair, or salvageable. We’ll even take care of the paperwork for you.

    How much should you get when you sell a vehicle for scrap?

    Selling a car to a scrap yard often nets you 13% to 20% less than the current price. TransUnion determines and publishes this estimated used retail price in its monthly Dealer’s Guide. TransUnion compiles the latest market data on used vehicle prices from over 40,000 sources every month and presents it in an easy-to-use book (or app). Genuine dealers and other relevant industry professionals may subscribe to it each month for a small cost.

    Check Your Hyundai’s Worth On Autotrader

    AutoTrader is a great place to check the worth of your automobile, and it is the go-to resource for many used car lots. To find out how much your automobile is worth at retail, go to and do a search using the vehicle’s make, model, and year. Dependent on the mileage and condition, you will be given a reasonable pricing range.

    Vehicle registration codes

    Code 1 indicates a brand-new car, Code 2 indicates a previously owned car, and Code 3 indicates a car that has been reconstructed from salvaged components after being in a collision and wrecked. A car with a Code 4 status has been officially declared scrapped.

    Code 3 Vehicles

    Code 3 cars that have been rebuilt must thereafter pass a roadworthy test and go through a procedure that includes obtaining police clearance on the chassis and parts. However, the person who is scrapping the vehicle does not care about this.