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hyundai sonata
2.4 litre
How much is the complete cv joint for the Hyundai sonata 2012 model 2.4 liter car?
Looking for Std ring set
hyundai sonata
2.5 v6
cape town
looking for camshaft caps
May I kindly quote for: airflow metter, clutch kit, engine pulley and fan belt
Sub assembly
Hyuandai Sonata 2.4 GLS
Looking for a 2nd hand Hyundai Sonata engine in good working condition, for a 2012 model.
Paul de Bruyn
Sonata GLS
2l 16v
Require 4 clip in wheel nut covers (small plate sized) and silver grey in colour with the Hyundai emblem on them.
Paul de Bruyn
Sonata GLS
2l 16v
The control modules on the coil, or the whole coil needs to be replaced.

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The invention of the automobile has undoubtedly been one of the most significant innovations of the last century, and today, cars play a significant role in our society. Not only do we use them to travel long distances as in the case of a long trip, but we use them even in the most everyday aspects of our lives, like going to the market, leaving the children at school and for many people, it is considered as a tool of work. This makes us think not only about the importance of the car, but also can be part of what today we call "high quality of life."

Introduction to the Hyundai Sonata

The Hyundai Sonata is a D-segment passenger car. It´s produce by the South Korean Hyundai Motor Company, the largest manufacturer in the country. Is manufactured since 1985 and it is a four-door sedan with front engine and front-wheel drive, available with a manual five-speed gearbox and a four-speed automatic.

This need to have a car extends to all parts of the world and for many reasons, is a subject of particular attention in South Africa, because traffic accidents can be the leading cause of injury in most regions of the world, but In South Africa, this figure is much higher, being the double to world nobility.

Now, buying a car is just the beginning, after this comes the most important part: The Maintenance. The purchase and sale of used spare parts is considered illegal in many parts of the world, but also car users, are often caught in a big dilemma: the cost of the car may be cheaper than many of the pieces. Sometimes, people buy used parts of a car to a person who is commonly known as a ´´dealer´´.

But why are we looking for these people or are we in need of changing the parts of the cars? Where do they get these parts and why can they sell them so cheap? The answer to this question is very simple.

So, Africa is the continent most affected by vehicular casualties, where by 2014, it reached a chilling 24.1 casualty, having South Africa the 31.9 percent. This makes South Africa a country with a high risk of death and injury in terms of the number of accidents caused by frequent traffic accidents.

Now imagine a car accident. Although the car certainly cannot run anymore, many parts may still be intact. In this way, dealers can pick up these parts, which people do not take into account or cannot pick up on time, and sell them for a lower price. Which in front of the fact that to pay what many people consider as excessive, will pay what is more convenient for them.

Many of Hyundai Sonata's most requested parts are as follows:

Air filter; Engine Oil Filter; Spark plug; Motor Computer; Variable Timing Solenoid;; Engine Water Pump; Radiator; Alternator; Starting motor; Brake Pads; Rotor brake disc; Disc Brake Caliper; Bearing and Mounting Set; Brake Master Cylinder; Oxygen sensor; Fuel pump; Fuel Injector; Air conditioning compressor; Air Conditioning Condenser; Oil pump; Shock absorber; Suspension Strut; Suspension Control Arm; Catalytic converter; Electric Motor; Door handle; Motor and Regulator of Automatic Glass; Door mirror; ABS Brake Speed Sensor.

But the reality is that getting these parts is not as complicated as it seems and also not as inaccessible as they make us believe. The used Hyundai Sonata parts, can be found easily, just fill out the respective form and with this, we will have access to a network of providers with the information necessary to analyze what suits us, whether by price, distance or time. There is no need to complicate ourselves; we can make it simpler and thinking not only of the people needs but also of each of the different realities that lived in each community.


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